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By Tony Essex
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Woodley v Royals

Hi girls

What a great win against Royals – a much improved performance – and great to see everyone putting in to practice the through court defensive work that we did at training on Wednesday (particularly Beth who did a great job restricting the Royals Centre who is such a dominant player).

Both teams started strongly and were closely matched but we then opened up a 5 goal lead which we then let slip and allowed them to come back at us without response to level the score after the first 15 minutes at 12-12. However, you all took on board the coaching points that we gave you (thanks Heather for helping with the defensive feedback) and started the second quarter with more focus to open up what proved to be an unassailable lead to come off at half time leading 29-18. Another strong third quarter extended the gap still further giving us a 22 goal lead going into the final 15 minutes. Royals proved strong opposition in the final quarter which they won 8-7 but we were too far ahead for them to catch us and we notched up a great result 53-32.

Heather took some stats for us during the match looking at the number of interceptions that we made that went to goal/shot. When we looked at these stats previously you may remember that our conversion rate was quite low (about 30%). This time they were much improved with 77% going to shot and 69% actually resulting in a goal. You didn’t panic when a turnover was made and used the lateral/re-set pass to then drive through court. Well done.

Shooting stats:-

Zara4/4 = 100%13/15 = 87%10/15 = 67%-27/34 = 79%
Amelia8/11 = 73%5/7 = 71%6/8 = 75%3/7 = 43%22/33 = 67%
Grace---4/10 = 40%4/10 = 40%

Zara – excellent shooting stats in the first quarter (4/4). However, as you know from the team talk at the end of the first quarter we expect you to be putting up more than 4 shots in a quarter. You took on board the need to be more definite in your hold to make it easier for the C/WA to feed you and you made more positive movements out and back to post. Continue to work on these skills as it will give you even more shooting opportunities. Remember that we can’t score goals if we don’t have any shooters in the circle so make sure that you don’t come out if GA isn’t in or on her way in.

Amelia – you worked extremely hard in and around the circle edge and shooting stats were much improved, particularly in the first three quarters. You defended very well when the opposition were in possession. Make sure that you are aware of where the GS is holding the space to avoid running into it. Work on screening the defender in the circle when the other defender is pulled up outside the circle to enable the ball to go straight in to the other shooter. When receiving the 1st phase of the centre pass remember to land outside foot and turn quickly to release the ball.

Grace O – it’s always difficult coming off the bench to shoot in the last quarter but you coped well initially scoring 3 from 3. You moved well to create space and were an easy target for the attackers to feed. Continue to work on strategies (breathing, routine etc.) to help you compose yourself before you shoot and you should see an improvement in your conversion rate.

Abigail – You delivered some nice feeds into the circle and supported well on the circle edge to allow the shooters to work the ball in and out and work the triangles. You struggled at times to get out for the centre pass – think about coming off the line and doing some pre-movement which will then allow you to be driving forward at speed across the line when the whistle goes. Continue to work on turning and releasing the ball quickly. Think about which way you move to avoid dodging away from where you want to receive the ball and use your body to protect the space that you want to drive into. Be aware of the ball coming through court out of defence and drive forward more into the centre third to offer an attacking option.

Jo – you managed to get out well on the centre passes and used the GS on the drive out of the circle on the 2nd phase of attack. Work on using your body to hold your player off and protect the space that you want to drive into so that you don’t have to always use a change of direction to lose the defender. Think about which way you are moving to make sure that you are not going away from the ball carrier.

Beth – you did a great job denying space and restricting the drive of the Royals Centre who is a key player for them and usually takes every other ball. It certainly disrupted their play as they weren’t able to use her all the time as you were keeping her busy up the court! Continue to work on stepping up to the player once the ball has gone rather than jumping which allows her to drive whilst you are in the air but be careful not to force contact and make sure that you get your distance on your initial 3ft mark to avoid giving away too many obstructions.

Poppy – you set up well in our defensive third for goaline throws and brought the ball through court nicely to link up with the attack. You also supported well on the attacking third line to offer an option for the re-set to avoid the feed being forced into the shooters. Continue to work on forcing your player far side or near side and delaying her up court when the opposition are attacking and make sure that you quickly return to man to man marking when she starts to come round you.

Grace H – well done on Player of the Match – again! You certainly made the GA work extremely hard for every shooting opportunity and together with Victoria were a formidable pair in our defensive circle. You also supported well on our attacking third line but make sure that get ballside of your player when a lateral ball is needed along the line to avoid it being tipped or intercepted. Work on being more vocal both in the circle and out on court and continue to work on switching to maximise your opportunities for interceptions and to force errors.

Victoria – You showed great resilience after the first quarter when you were frustrated with your performance. You made a number of tips and interceptions and forced the opposition to make errors. Be aware of the GA driving into the circle – you could sometimes pick her up as she enters the circle to stop her going to post and let Grace pick up the GS. Remember the work that we did on coming off the player and attacking the line of the ball to take the interception cleanly to avoid causing contact. Keep moving around the GS and don’t allow her to set her position – keep them guessing!

Hope you find the above feedback useful. As usual, if you have any questions about anything or don’t understand then please ask at training on Wednesday.

Sarah and Denys

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